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OWG at Sci Fight

OWG has been hunkered down in training for half of 2014, but a few of our number ventured out in early November, to the hills of Shrewsbury to take part in Sci-Fight, a co-ed tournament hosted by Evolution Rollergirls.

There were 8 teams from the high echelons of Sci-Fi: Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Men In Black, Aliens and The Fifth Element, each captained by some of the best derby players in the country.

Here is what they thought of the day:

Bear Attack - Team Firefly/Serenity

I have not played contact since my last bout in July due to life getting in the way and doing min skills training. I was petrified prior the scrim as Sci-Fight is my first co-ed and first tournament style scrim. I felt quite inadequate and had concerns about letting the team down. When I got there my team mates were amazing. They were so reassuring and friendly. As soon as I started playing, I got in the flow and got on with it. I really enjoyed my day at Sci-fight and made so many new friends.

Safety First - Team Alien

Having never played co-ed before I was really excited and looking forward to Sci-Fight and arriving at the sports hall the atmosphere was fantastic. It was a great day and an awesome introduction to playing with the guys. Being a mixed level scrim it was a brilliant experience to play with skaters of such varied levels and I feel I came away from the day having gained many valuable experiences and knowledge. Watching our captain Pina Collide her come away with a win was just an awesome finishing touch. Can't wait to play in my next co-ed match and would encourage everyone I know to give it a go!

Pina Collide Her - Team Men in Black

The Sci-Fight tournament was such a great experience for me. I've been playing 4 years now and apart from the 2 guys in our league who occasionally hit me during scrim practice, I've never played against/with men. It's given me a new appreciation of what I personally need to improve on and seeing so many awesome skaters in one venue was a genuine pleasure and inspiration. The icing on the cake for me was winning the overall competition with such a lovely group of people on my team. As we lost our first game, we weren't so sure how we would get on but we kept our communication up during our games and kept strong walls which obviously made the winning combination. It was a long day but definitely worth it and it's given me a taster to try more co-ed scrims.